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  • The action awaits

    The action awaits

    An adrenaline-pumping, thought-provoking, hard-hitting thriller

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  • The Pure

    The Pure

    An ex-Mossad agent out for revenge. Wikileaks. A mysterious double agent. And the threat of a nuclear armed Iran . . .

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  • Jake Simons

    Jake Simons

    Novelist, journalist, broadcaster. The brains behind The Pure

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THE PURE. Feel the adrenaline. Available now.

Buckle up.

There’s a new Bourne in town.

The time is now. The place is London. Meet Uzi, a disaffected, deadly ex-Mossad agent with revenge on his mind. Living alone in a grimy bedsit, he spends his time dealing low-level drugs and trying to come to terms with how his life in espionage went so badly wrong.

Uzi holds some incriminating secrets about the Mossad which involve politicians at the highest level. When an old comrade persuades him to give details of a top-secret Israeli assassination operation to WikiLeaks, Uzi is instantly millions of dollars richer. But he has made himself a marked man.

Enter a mysterious, sexy woman known as Liberty. She is running an international drugs cartel, and has a background in the CIA. Clearly attracted to Uzi, Liberty grants him protection if he works for her. Meanwhile, Iran is getting ever closer to building a nuclear weapon. And only Uzi holds the intelligence to stop them. Or allow them to succeed . . .

The action that follows involves motorcycle chases, gunfights in the woods, and Iranian intelligence outposts on the coast of Syria. The power balance of the Middle East is on a knife-edge, and the security of the world is in danger. Only Uzi can prevent disaster. But does he have the strength to do so?

The Pure is a hugh-octane, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping espionage thriller.

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Listen to a sample of the audiobook

Fabulously, you can now listen to The Pure, unabridged, on your iPod, computer or CD player. It’s a story about the Mossad, Wikileaks, and the Iranian nuclear threat: thrills, spills and automobiles, set in London, Israel and Syria, underpinned by the most serious issues of our time. The book is read by Colin Mace, of RSC and Eastenders fame, who has just finished acting in War Horse. Listen to a sample here, and buy it on Amazon here.

Buy your copy

The Pure is available from Amazon. A few clicks now, and within a day or two a freshly-minted copy will land on your doormat in one of those sexy little Amazon cardboard envelopes. Want it? Hell, yeah. Click here. Or for the Kindle version, click here.

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